Chicago Real Estate Closing Lawyer

real estate closing

Fred Elman

Attorney Fred Elman provides real estate closing services for Chicago area residential real estate transactions.  He performs these legal services for both home and condominium buyers and sellers during the real estate closing process.

The closing date is set during the negotiation phase, and is often several weeks after the formal acceptance of the offer.  While a detailed description of the real estate closing process can be somewhat lengthy – and can vary among transactions – from a general standpoint the real estate close is where the parties sign the papers officially completing the deal and the property’s ownership is transferred.

As the real estate close can be a long and complex process, entailing many documents and parties, the actions performed by a real estate attorney at the closing serves to reduce the likelihood of problems associated with the real estate close.

Fred offers a free initial consultation to answer your questions regarding the residential real estate closing process.  He can be contacted at (847) 702-2222.